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Floor prep

Our work may not be seen, but our quality of work is walked on every day. Viking Flooring prepares commercial floors for tile, hardwood floors or carpeting for the commercial and industrial industries.


Preparing floors is a vital component to any flooring project. A well-prepared floor reduces the time it takes for the contractor to install the new tile, hardwood floor or carpeting. The contractor can focus on a well-installed flooring system instead of correcting any imperfections left by other companies with minimal experience.


Preparing floors for tile or carpet installation is an integral part of our business. We have developed vital techniques for removing debris and adhesives that allow us to do our job effectively and quickly. Viking Flooring is also sensitive to the types of commercial projects awarded. We ensure that for any floor preparation services performed in businesses such as hospitals, schools, daycares and grocery stores, we utilize a full range of equipment including battery operated machinery that fulfills the requirements of the project.


We begin the process by removing the tile with our ‘ride on’ tile remover. Once the tile is removed we use the scarifiers in order to grind the floors for a smooth finish. Our teams of professionals are highly trained in utilizing the shot blast equipment in order to best prepare the flooring or preparing concrete for the final phase, installing the tile or carpet.


Because we own all of the equipment used for floor preparation, you can be sure that our highly experienced Viking Flooring professional gets the job right the first time. As you now have learned, we are an environmentally responsible company. We ensure the best and safest way to remove and dispose of the flooring with recycling when possible and using equipment that contributes to the safety of the environment without compromising quality.


Finally, when all is complete, the test of our quality work is those who walk on the floor. If they don’t notice it and our job allows them to focus on the task at hand, we know it was a job well done.

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